Episode 3: Descent into Horror or Descent into Horror is the third Episode of Aftershock for Quake. Being the final Episode of the Single Player campaign, this Episode was intended to be very difficult. The documentation for this Episode specifically warns potential players that this Episode is not intended for novices. It consists of five levels total. All levels were designed by Greg MacMartin.

This is also the only Episode to have a plot, created by Greg MacMartin. The story was designed in such a manner to lead the player to believe that a sequel will be released, which Greg MacMartin promised to create if enough people e-mailed him. As Quake 2 was already in pre-production, he did ponder waiting for the second game.

Greg MacMartin stated that he was rushed during the development of this Episode, as well as everything else that he was involved with in regards to Aftershock for Quake, as it was completed in one and a half month. The designer stated that he would take a bit more time on the sequel, focusing on enhancing several portions that were weak in this Episode. Due to time constraints, he felt there were not enough Secrets and Hazards; in general there were not enough levels or Secret Levels in his opinion. As he did not have time to do much testing, he felt the balance in these levels was also lacking. Another thing he wished he had time to add was more detail to the textures, such as signs and other wall art that would serve as eye candy. Usually, the End Tunnel would be blocked by a Gold Door to signify that the player would be entering a new level upon entry.


Earth: 120 years from present day. The planet has been devastated by an interstellar war with a race known only as the "Eternals". The race seems not to care for property, as they have not claimed any of the homeworlds that they have ravaged. The planet can barely support life now, and it's littered with thousands upon thousands of ruined cities and towns. The blackened landscape is a grim reminder for all who visit Earth that those who defy the Eternals pay in blood.

There are a mere 2 million human beings left in the universe, and you are one of them. You work for a scavenging company which goes about the universe collecting salvageable pieces of ships, weapons, and other potentially useful items. Earth is still being picked apart for useful materials and probably will be for years to come. You have been assigned a solo duty of delving into an old Earth military factory. You assume that the job will be very routine.



Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rotfish 28 (56) 40 (80) 53 (106) The vanilla engine counts each Rotfish as 2 enemies.
Grunt 20 38 57
Zombie 8 13 15
Knight 3 7 11
Enforcer 12 21 32
Scrag 1 3 6
Spawn 1 1 1
Ogre 3 5 8
Death Knight 9 10 13
Fiend 1 2 2
Vore 2 2 2
Shambler 3 3 3
Total 91 (119) 145 (185) 203 (256)