An Exploding Wall in Quake is a wall similar to a Shootable Wall, but instead of being opened the wall explodes. This Hazard is featured in the level Exploding Wall - from The QuakeLab. It is advisable to stand away from the Exploding Wall when shooting it, the explosion has a decent sized radius which can either cause severe injury or instantly kill an unwary individual. The Exploding Wall is designed to be shot with a Rocket Launcher, destroying the wall and leaving some rubble behind.

Using the Axe is not advisable due to the explosion radius. While the Shotgun or other Weapons can be used instead of the Rocket Launcher to achieve similar results, the illusion of the wall exploding will be nonexistent. After the player has caused a certain amount of damage to the outer shell of the wall, a Shootable Wall, it will slide open to reveal the "rubble" behind the wall. Due to the speed of which it opens, it can often be unnoticeable to players unaware of the illusion. The explosions are caused by a stack of Radioactive Containers that are placed behind the Exploding Wall.