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Explosive Darts is a modification for Quake made by Chris Jones (DarkVein). This modification primarily features a Shotgun that has been modified to be a Dartgun. A lot more pellets are fired to the point that it can kill and Gib a Fiend in a single shot.

A few small additional changes were included. Using an impulse 9 cheat results in 231 of each type of Ammo. The Grenade Launcher projectile has been modified to look like a Nail fired from a Nailgun. Nail projectiles now move at an extremely slow rate.

This modification also includes the precursor to Solidmon, soliddog, which is essentially a demo version of Solidmon and only makes Rottweilers have solid corpses.

Note that using the Dartgun can be risky. Killing Monsters with this Weapon tends to result in the game crashing.