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Feign Death is a modification for Quake made by Isaac Lauer. This modification is intended for Deathmatch and allows the player to pretend to be dead by pressing the key bound for impulse 150. Pressing impulse 150 again allows the player to return to normal posture. The player that is feigning death cannot do much more than look around; however this shall result in the "corpse" turning and thus making it apparent to others that the player is still alive.

To further give off the illusion that the player is dead, a Backpack is dropped when the player "dies". This Backpack is entirely empty and picking it up shall result in the message "Hmmmm, empty..." being displayed. This means that opponents can be clued in to the player not actually being dead if they pick up the Backpack. Note that as this Backpack remains even after the player gets up, this means packet overflows can occur if too many are placed on the level.

Generally, Quake shall get the player unstuck if they manage to get stuck. However, on Elevators in particular, there is a chance the player will get permanently stuck. While Noclip can be used to get out, this cheat does not work in Deathmatch.