The Flare Launcher is a replacement for the Grenade Launcher in Quake. This Weapon does not injure opponents and will instead bounce off them. Instead, the intent of this Weapon is to provide the player with a portable light source that will allow them to light up dark areas.


Use this in darkened rooms to light them up, then quickly switch to another Weapon to be able to see the local vicinity and be able to fire. Be warned, lighting up the area shall also expose you to view in Deathmatch.



  • Lights up dark rooms permanently, as opposed to the short expanse of time that firing a Weapon provides.


  • Costs Rockets, which means the player needs to sacrifice Ammo that could be better used for killing Monsters.
  • Replaces the Grenade Launcher, which means maps that have Zombies may be left without a way to kill them.
  • Quake generally doesn't have darkness that requires light sources. In the rare event it is needed, expending a few Shotgun shells might be seen as cheaper than wasting the more valuable Rockets.
  • Can't kill anything with a Flare Launcher, meaning one less Weapon to swap to when Ammo is running short.
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