The Force Field is a custom Powerup that behaves somewhat similar to the Pentagram of Protection. It was intended to be part of a larger Total Conversion known as UNION. As it is unknown if this Total Conversion was ever made, the Force Field is the only part that was ever released.

Impulse 51 can be used to acquire the Force Field at any time. It also replaces the Pentagram of Protection, referred to as the "666 Armour" in the documentation.

Note that the model was a bit small and was intended to be made larger in a later release.

The pickup sound, intended to sound like the Pentagram of Protection, does not work as intended and instead shows an error about not being precached. There can also be some minor Ammo bugs if used alongside the Thunderbolt.


This Powerup, unlike any vanilla entity, can be turned on and off as needed. This is done by using impulse 50. There is no time limit to the Force Field, it instead operates on the player's Cell count. Every second that the Force Field is activated, the player shall lose 1 Cell, thereby making it imperative that the player only use the Force Field when needed and otherwise keep it disabled.

Much like the Pentagram of Protection, the Force Field protects the player from taking damage. Note that the player still bleeds when hit, plus the screen will flash each time time the user is attacked. Unlike the aforementioned artifact, the player does not lose Armor when hit, plus they are able to enable/disable the Powerup and thus make the most of its protective capabilities. Note that the Force Field costs additional Cells to protect the player; every 5 damage is equal to 1 Cell. This damage is rounded up, meaning 6 damage would cause the player to lose 2 Cells per hit. In the event of something like Lava, note that there is a flash and depletion every 1/3 of a second.

Much like the Quad Damage, a player with the Force Field active is lit up. This can provide the advantage of allowing the player to see in the darkness, but also allows said player to be a more visible target in Deathmatch.

The player keeps the Force Field until they change levels unless it is overloaded. If all Cells are depleted, the Force Field will automatically deactivate with the message "Force Field Depleated!!!!", but can be activated once more once more Cells are found.

The Force Field can be overloaded, which will result in the loss of the Powerup, if said player is hit by a single attack that causes more than 100 damage. Note that even Chthon will generally not cause the level of damage that causes the Force Field to overload itself, making the primarily risk Water and other fluids such as Slime or Lava. Much like the Thunderbolt, the Force Field immediately fails upon contact with any fluid except the most shallow of pools, making it advisable to disable the Force Field when around such fluids. The mechanics work identical to those found in the Thunderbolt, meaning the more Cells the player has the more damage they take on contact with a a liquid. Note this means that the Force Field cannot be used to get such Secrets as the first one in E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo.


Force Field activated
Force Field deactivated
Force Field is protecting player
Force Field is discharging


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