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Fun Fragging or Frag is a Single Player and Multiplayer level in Aftershock for Quake. There are no differences between the Single Player and Deathmatch versions of this map. This level is intended for 4 players or less.


As you spawn into the level, you will land on an Elevator. Let it rise to the top floor, then jump to the platform straight ahead to collect the 25 Health. Turn around, then jump to the platforms in a clockwise fashion around the hole of the starting Elevator. Collect the Rocket Launcher on the platform to the left, the Rockets on the platform straight ahead, and the Red Armor on the platform to the right. Turn right, then drop straight ahead into the hole to land on a platform with a wooden rim surrounding the hole. Collect the Double-Barrelled Shotgun on the raised platform in the upper left corner and the Nailgun on the raised platform in the lower right corner. Turn around to look once more at the hole, then drop into it to reach the bottom floor. In the middle of the room is the Elevator that was raising to the top floor at the start of the level. Collect the Shells beside the pillar in the upper right corner and the Nails beside the pillar in the lower right corner. 4 Elevators exist in this room, 1 in each corner, though all just allow the player to return to to middle platform with the wooden rim.



Fun Fragging

  • The Nailgun tends to fall through the map when the level is restarted.


Spawn Locations