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GRENADE MODS is a modification for Quake made by Jibber. This modification features a few different alternative modes for the Grenade Launcher.

The standard grenade can be fired, but now the timer before it explodes can be altered by using the "temp1" variable with a number specifying the number of seconds before it explodes. Note that the timer will need to be changed from the default value, which is at 0, as it will explode immediately upon being fired and thus injure the person attempting the use the Grenade Launcher. This value is also controlled by the server, meaning players cannot individually change it, it must be decided as a universal value by the server admin.

By pressing the Grenade Launcher button after it is already selected, the player can swap to a Pipe Bomb alternative mode. This allows the player to fire a grenade that won't explode on contact with opponents. Instead it waits for the player to detonate it by pressing the key bound for impulse 63.

By pressing the Rocket Launcher button after it is already selected (meaning this actually requires the Rocket Launcher as opposed to a Grenade Launcher, though it appears to be another mode for the Grenade Launcher) the player can use a Proximity Bomb. Much like the Pipe Bomb, it doesn't explode on collision with opponents, but instead bounces off surfaces until it eventually lands on the ground. Only once it has landed does the timer start, giving anyone around it three seconds to get away before it is activated. Anyone that comes near the Proximity Bomb after it has been activated, including the firer, shall cause the Proximity Bomb to go off.

The player can also change the appearance of the grenade by navigating through a list using impulse 61 (down) and impulse 62 (up). The list starts at the bottom and it does not loop, meaning impulse 61 will appear to do nothing until the appearance has been changed from the standard grenade. The player can choose from a wide variety of Gibs; an Ogre head, 3 different generic Gibs, Ranger's head, a Fiend head, a Shambler head, a Knight head, and a Grunt head. All of these modes will include a bloody trail. The player can also make the grenades invisible. Note that, like the timer value, this all is decided by the server admin and cannot be changed individually.

Impulse 64 can be used in Deathmatch mode as well as all other Game Modes, allowing the player to get a Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher. Note that they are not supplied with Rockets however.

Impulse 252 allows the player to immediately get a Ring of Shadows, impulse 253 gives the player a Biosuit, and impulse 254 gives the player a Pentagram of Protection. All of these do not work in Deathmatch.