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Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

50 per slice

Fire Mode



Slicing and knockback

Rate of Fire

Single slice every 400 milliseconds


Melee range of 32 units


In Quake 4 multiplayer, the Gauntlet is a circular-saw-like melee weapon that, with the Machine Gun, is one of the weapons a player has when they spawn in at Multiplayer. Gauntlet replaces Blaster in Multiplayer matches.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Utilize Crouch Slide from corners and blind spots. Running towards someone directly would get you killed in an instant. Staying silent near the crowded chokes in a chaotic match would at least bring you a few good preys, try to read the map and try to figure where people generally head after a respawn. In combat, try to observe foe's movement and slide through them as they steer towards medikit pickups.
  • With Quad Damage combination with the Gauntlet, you would kill full health enemies with a single slice. Try to build up speed by strafe-jumping while you climb up and pick up important items you see, so your fall damage recovery would be somewhat faster and you can run through enemies as you beat them into bloody pulps.
  • Being an unique type weapon, Gauntlet generates invisible short ranged bullets to hit detect. Gauntlet once it contacts deals 50 damage then knocks away the victim, without adding extra damage. That ability would be useful to keep the close enemies away from the pickups you're about to take and "deny" them. At the other hand it tosses them away from you so you lose your chance to make a second contact under a second.

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