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Gib Guns is a modification for Quake made by Rick Clemmer. This modification changes the appearance of various projectiles to appear to look like Gibs. The Nailgun fires legs, while the Super Nailgun fires heads.

Also included is a pipebomb, which acts similar to the Grenade Launcher but waits for the player's input before exploding. This can be fired at any time, as long as the player has a Rocket, using impulse 61. The pipe bomb can be blown up by using impulse 62. Continuing the theme of the other Weapons, the pipebomb appears to be a torso.

Note that the pipebomb can be thrown across a room, but seems incompatible with mouselook. Looking up or down will result in the pipebomb dropping to the player's feet instead of being tossed.

There is a sound modification made to the Super Nailgun so that it plays a sound similar to that of a Zombie projectile. However, this is not properly precached, resulting in an error message being displayed every time the Weapon is fired and no sound being heard.