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Godel Quake C Mods is a modification for Quake made by David Wiedenmann. This modification features a collection of various Quake C mods in one location.

Gameplay Changes

  • When players are Gibbed, they produce a lot more than the vanilla game. Lava shall also cause the player to be Gibbed.
  • Entities such as Gibs, Weapons, and Backpacks now can go through Teleporters and Wind Tunnels. Note that this modification is a bit broken, meaning certain maps like E3M3: the Tomb of Terror will fail to function.
  • The Axe is now considered a Vampiric Rune Axe. The Axe attacks at a much faster rate than the vanilla game. Furthermore, each attack sucks ten health from the opponent to give to the attacker. Note that the Vampiric Rune Axe will cause injury to the player, at ten health per attack, if they try to use this Weapon against a Zombie.
  • Crucified Zombies can now be shot at. If fired at with explosives such as the Rocket Launcher, they can be killed.
  • Grenades and pipe bombs can now be blown up by nearby explosives, such as a rocket or a Radioactive Container.
  • As Cells are used for so many things, the player's Cell collection will slowly build back up as long as they have a Thunderbolt and they hold less than 50 Cells. The player will receive a Cell every five seconds.

Weapon Alternate Modes

  • The Vampiric Rune Axe has an alternate Pushing Hands mode. This mode does not cause any damage to their opponent, but it can allow the player to push an opponent. The Monster will go flying, moving back a decent distance.
  • The Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun both have an alternate mode which allows the player to fire in long-range. The pellets are closer together in this mode, allowing for more concentrated shots than the wide distribution of a normal shot.
  • The Grenade Launcher can be alternatively used to fire pipe bombs when the button for said weapon is pressed again. Pipe bombs are similar to grenades, except that the player decides when the pipe bomb explodes by pressing impulse 52.
  • The Thunderbolt can be alternatively used to summon an Electric Minion when the button for said weapon is pressed again. The Electric Minion lasts 5 seconds and costs 40 Cells per use; there can only be one Electric Minion per player at any time. The Electric Minion shall attack with a similar strength to a Thunderbolt and can fly around; intelligently keeping up with the player while seeking out opponents.


  • Use impulse 53 (decrease) and impulse 54 (increase) to modify the timer on the Grenade Launcher. This is the time it will take before a grenade explodes. By default, a grenade takes 3 seconds before it explodes. This can be decreased down to 0.5 seconds or increased up to 5 minutes.
  • Press impulse 55 to toss your current Weapon, impulse 56 to toss a small box of Ammo, and impulse 57 to toss your current Armor.
  • Impulse 58 can be used to place a Holo-Quaker; a holographic version of Ranger to give the illusion that the player is elsewhere in Deathmatch. There can be three of these at any time and they last a minute. It costs 12 Cells to create a Holo-Quaker.
  • MultiSkin support using impulses 200 and 201.
  • Observer mode when impulse 210 is pressed. This is similar to Noclip, except the player cannot interact with the world in any way, nor will anyone know they are there. The player must kill themselves to get out of observer mode, thus preventing this mode from being an advantage over other players.


Weapon mode being switched
The Vampiric Rune Axe colliding with an opponent
Electric Minion being summoned (both sounds play at once)
A Holo-Quaker being deployed / removed from the map