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Gregory A. MacMartin is a game designer and artist. He currently lives in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and has been employed at Interdimensional Games Inc. with his brother Steve MacMartin. He is the lead designer on the Consortium trilogy.

The first game he designed for was Radix: Beyond the Void, a 2.5D shooter released in late 1995 by Neural Storm Entertainment. He created this game with a few of his friends from high school.

By 1996, he was heavily involved in the design of the Aftershock for Quake Add-on for Quake for HeadGames Publishing, Inc.. Greg MacMartin was the developer of the entire third Episode, Descent into Horror. After working on a game with a pseudo 3D engine, he heavily enjoyed the freedom of designing in a "full 3D" environment. All levels were designed with Jim Lowell's THRED. He was the texture artist, creating all of the textures that make up the Aftershock Level Theme. In hindsight, he stated that he felt rushed when making this pack due to the need for it to be finished in one and a half month. Though trying his best to meet time constraints, he wished he had more time to solidify various aspects of his contributions.

For the levels he designed for Descent into Horror, Greg MacMartin tried to create extremely experimental levels that would have a completely different feel than Quake. Due to time constraints, they did not receive much play-testing. MacMartin designed them to be difficult enough that they would challenge him.

After working on Aftershock for Quake, Greg was the lead designer on Amen: The Awakening by Cavedog Entertainment. About 60% into the project, it was cancelled for being too ambitious and the company was closed down. Remaining staff went to parent company Humongous Entertainment, popular for kids' titles.

In 2001/2002, MacMartin was the game design director on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by KnowWonder. Given the time frame for the design of these game, he was quite proud with the final products. MacMartin worked on the PC versions of the games and is disappointed with Electronic Arts for marketing the games as being the same as the console versions, when both were very different in content.

In 2005, MacMartin worked with Radical Entertainment on The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. He was involved in the mission scripting/debugging, design of various game mechanics, and balance of gameplay.

MacMartin has also contributed to various other titles such as Homeworld and Homeworld 2 by Relic Entertainment.

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