Stationed in the past to execute Quake's evil plan. These demi-gods' 'surprising' entrance will shock you.

Dissolution of Eternity manual

Quake's Guardian


Attack Damage
  • Laser Beam (45)
  • Staff Butt (10-20)
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


The Guardian is a rare enemy introduced in Dissolution of Eternity. Guardians are ancient warriors who have been sent through time to execute Quake's plans for the Dissolution of Eternity. They are only encountered three times at the end of Tempus Fugit, Curse of Osiris, and Blood Sacrifice, where they defend the exit portals.


Staff Beam

Guardians fire three orange salvos from their staff in an arc. Each beam does 15 damage, making for a total of 45 per attack. The beams move very quickly through the air, making them difficult to dodge at close range.

Staff Butt

If the player gets close, the Guardian may hit them with the butt of his staff, doing around 10-20 damage.


The Guardian's staff beam is very fast and thus it's best to fight them from range. Be aware that the beams fire in an arc and so ensure the player has moved enough to the side in order to dodge them. A single multi-rocket can normally kill guardians in a single hit and will also deal heavy damage to any nearby guardians.

Since guardians only appear in areas isolated from other enemies, it's very difficult to provoke monster infights with them.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was crushed by a Guardian



Guardian awakens from his slumber
Guardian receiving damage
Guardian getting killed

Different Skins

There are three skins for the Guardians, one to fit each map type that they appear in. The skins are Greek, Egyptian, and Aztec.

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