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A Guided Missile in mid-flight

Guided Missiles is a modification for Quake made by Ken "Page Fault" Alverson. Similar to a remote-control plane, this modification allows the player to pilot a Rocket Launcher rocket throughout a level. Similar to the controls of the regular player, it should be relatively intuitive to fly the guided rocket. The only difference is the jump key, which now can be used for remote denotation prior to collision with a surface.

The player can switch to the Guided Missile, an alternate mode, at any time by pressing the Rocket Launcher button once it is already selected. The Guided Missile flies a bit slower than the normal projectiles, making it easier to control, but also results in said projectile being easier to evade. Furthermore, for balancing purposes, the Guided Missile causes a little less damage (90 damage instead of 100) than the standard rocket projectile.

Players piloting a guided missile will be lit up, deterring campers and also giving the illusion that the player is holding a small monitor to fly the Guided Rocket.

If a player dies (they are still vulnerable while flying) while flying a Guided Rocket, the error "Abort to Touch GPlayer" will appear. Note that the documentation is incorrect, the Pentagram of Protection works correctly and Powerups will time out while the player is in mid-flight.

Note that this modification is somewhat incompatible with modern Source ports like any based on GLQuake. The rocket projectile shall not appear properly in said Source ports, instead the player will just see the smoke trail.