Ancient Realms is the first level of Dominion of Darkness. Having passed through the gateway, the player once again finds himself in the hostile other dimension. Ahead lies a small castle, full of new enemies and artifacts to discover. Somewhere within the castle is a hidden portal to the Gremlin's Domain.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

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When you stay before the first doors, turn left and look for a Shootable Button. After you shoot it, you can dive to the pool to get a 100 Health and Shells.
In the room with the Nailgun and the metal door, part of a wall under the wooden ramp is different. Shoot it to get a Red Armor.
Jump to the opened metal door, there is a Button here. Press it and jump to the opened area to get a Proximity Launcher.
There are 3 sequence buttons around the room with the Silver Key. The ladder with the Horn of Conjuring have a Shootable Button exactly opposite the sequence button. Shoot it and get a Quad Damage in the opened alcove.
The ladder with the Green Armor, there is a Shootable Button above. Shoot it to reveal a small room containing a 100 Health.
There is an Empathy Shield in the room behind the Silver Door. To get it, blow wooden bars with a grenade/proximity grenade.
When you reach the ramp above the metal door (before the external gallery), shoot the square window to open a secret room with a Ring of Shadows inside.
There is a Shootable Button above the Arch. Shoot it to lower the barrier in (#3) and go to the secret exit to the Gremlin's Domain.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Horn of Conjuring Monster 1 1 1
Knight 17 18 16
Scrag 8 8 9
Gremlin 6 6 6
Ogre 15 15 16
Death Knight 2 2 5
Fiend 3 3 4
Vore 2 3 3
Shambler 1 2 3
Total 55 58 63


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HIP1M4: Research Facility Quake Levels HIP2M2: The Black Cathedral or HIP2M6: The Gremlin's Domain
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