The Catacombs are the third level of Dominion of Darkness. The level is entirely indoors and takes place in a large lava-filled cavern, a castle built entirely underground, and a series of flooded catacomb tunnels. In order to finish the level, the player will have to enter a large coffin.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

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In the first cavern after crossing the bridge and before jumping above the lava, if you look at the walls you will see some stones sticking out and forming stairs, go up to collect the Cells.
In the fortress you will come across a corridor with a grate on the ceiling and a large door. The torch located at the end is a switch, jump under it to move it and reveal a hidden door with a Teleporter leading to a secret chamber containing the Super Nailgun.
After going down the spiral staircase, you reach a small room with the Gold Door at your left, shoot the glowing cross in front of you and a 100 Health will fall from the ceiling.
As you pass the first set of stairs after the room containing Mjolnir, some bricks will pop out of the wall on your right. Climb them and follow the path to collect the Empathy Shield.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Horn of Conjuring Monster 1 1 1
Zombie 11 15 11
Knight 9 0 0
Scrag 4 9 7
Gremlin 13 36 43
Ogre 9 13 10
Spike Mine 0 3 7
Death Knight 2 12 15
Fiend 0 4 10
Vore 0 6 12
Shambler 0 1 7
Total 49 100 123


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