The Crypt is the fourth level of Dominion of Darkness. Emerging from the same coffin where the previous level ended, the player finds himself in an eerie burial ground, where numerous Spike Mines lurk in the shadows. The level is mostly indoors and features several tomb-like rooms, a tombstone workshop, and several large spacious halls.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

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In the room with the coffins and tables, jump on the stepladder and then onto the top-left shelf (the one Cells are placed on) to reveal an alcove on the other side of the room with a Horn of Conjuring.
In the same room as (#1), walk onto the open coffin with a skull symbol inside to be teleported to a secret with 15 Health items, Shells, Nails, and the Mjolnir.
Jump to the opened metal door, there is a Button here. Press it and jump to the opened area to get a Proximity Launcher.
Use the jump pad in the corridor to the right of the beginning of the map to reach the lever that gives you access to the Pentagram of Protection. Before you touch the lever, turn around and jump on the beam behind you and then on the ledge in front of you: the wall will open to reveal a secret with Rockets.
In the tombstone workshop, jump on top of the tombstones piled into a corner to reveal a secret with an Empathy Shield.
Right of the alcove with the Gold Key, look at the wall to the right to see a small door. Jump on the ledge and shimmy to it to reach a secret with Shells, Nails, a Laser Cannon and a platform that will take you to the Red Armor visible from the scaffold.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Horn of Conjuring Monster 1 1 1
Rottweiler 1 1 4
Zombie 8 9 8
Knight 8 5 1
Scrag 1 8 9
Gremlin 5 8 9
Ogre 0 6 8
Spike Mine 0 4 6 (8) On High and Nightmare skill levels 2 Spike Mines don't spawn.
Death Knight 2 7 10
Fiend 1 4 8
Vore 0 0 4
Shambler 0 0 2
Total 27 53 70 (72)


  • After loading HIP2M1 or HIP2M2, this level will crash in GLQuake due to texture conflicts, specifically because of metal5_6 and metal5_6. This can be evaded by simply renaming the metal5_6 texture in hip2m4.bsp.
  • On Hard and Nightmare difficulty, two Spike Mines are unused because they are placed too close to the walls.



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