Mortum's Keep is the fifth and final level of Dominion of Darkness. Most of the level takes place within a castle, yet there are also some outdoor areas and flooded Zombie-infested tunnels. There is a large power generator at the end of the level, which must be shut down by the player, in order to foil the enemy plans.

Quick Level Completion

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The power generator at the end of the level will be somewhat tricky to deal with, as it Lightning Traps will electrocute you if you wander into the open area that it is guarding, which includes the exit out of the level. But it does take a second or so to wind up and send out the electricity, and if you leave its range, it will miss; and this is the key to destroying the generator. After taking out the Shamblers and Ogres in the area, you will have to trigger the generator once (to buy you a little bit of time), leap over the fence while the generator is recharging, push the button on the front of the generator's panel, and leap back over the fence and back out of the danger zone before the next jolt of electricity kills you. Following this, more Shamblers appear, and you have the option of diving into the exit before the Shamblers take you out. On Hard and Nightmare difficulty, you will be low on supplies, so ration them carefully.

Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

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In the room before the Silver Key room, go up the stairs and jump on top of the Crates, then on top of the ones next to the door: a door will open revealing a Teleporter to the top of the room, where you can collect a Quad Damage.
After opening the Silver Door and reaching the path overlooking the starting point, jump on top of the gate to open a small alcove containing the Cells and the Mjolnir.
In the room with the door that opens via two Shootable Buttons, jump onto the button in the middle of it to open a door to one of the buttons, where a 100 Health is guarded by a pair of Ogres.
In the room of the Gold Door, shoot the demon face above the archway to open the cage next to it and collect the Nails. You can quickly jump on the bar as it rises so you can jump on the columns siding the archway and collect the Cells.
On (#4), instead of jumping to the Cells, jump to the wooden wall on the other side, revealing a secret containing a Red Armor.
Past the Gold Door, right below the platform where you are there is a barely visible Button. Press it to open a secret on the other side of the room containing a Yellow Armor.


Type Count Notes
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Horn of Conjuring Monster 2 2 2
Rottweiler 1 3 4
Zombie 5 7 11
Knight 16 11 12
Scrag 3 4 4
Spawn 0 1 2
Gremlin 5 11 12
Ogre 2 6 7
Spike Mine 0 (1) 4 (6) 10 (13) On all skill levels Spike Mines don't spawn.
Death Knight 0 8 10
Fiend 0 4 9
Vore 0 1 4
Shambler 0 3 5
Total 34 (35) 65 (67) 92 (95)


  • There are three Spike Mines which don't teleport into the map.

Episode Completion

After destroying the power generator, you pass beyond the gate of Mortum's Keep. A wave of nausea suddenly flows over you and you find yourself cast out into a liquid void. You float lifelessly, yet aware, in a lavender sea of energy. After what seems like an eternity, you feel the presence of a diabolical intelligence. You are held helpless for a moment as your mind is open to that of Armagon -- Quake's general and master of this realm. Recognizing you as the one who foiled his attempt to conquer Earth, a hellish howl fills your mind and blots out all consciousness. When you awake, you find yourself on the shores of reality, but in a time and place unknown to you.

—Dominion of Darkness Completed



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