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A Holodude; note the back is always to the player as the position is based on the player's position

HOLODUDE is a modification for Quake made by Jayke Savage. This mod is similar to the DECOY PATCH, though there is no relation between them, and the author states it was sheer coincidence that both were made so similar to each other. This mod adds a Holodude to the game, a fake player that appears to look exactly like the creator. He holds the same Weapon, wears the same skin, and looks in the same direction. This is all intended to fool other players in Deathmatch games.

Impulse 20 can be used to spawn a Holodude into a level. There can only be one at any given time, meaning spawning another will remove the first. Furthermore, it costs 10 Health and 5 Rockets per spawn.

Pressing impulse 21 at any time can allow you to blow up the Holodude. The Holodude will also blow up if they touch an opponent or if the Holodude "dies".

This Holodude is also telebindable; this action can be performed at any time with impulse 22. Essentially, this allows the player to swap places with their Holodude at any time. This can be useful to quickly get out of combat, storing the Holodude somewhere safe prior to the combat, before detonating the Holodude to eliminate the opponents.

There is a move toggle that can be turned on/off if impulse 23 is pressed. The Holodude automatically moves in the direction the player is facing. The player can have the Holodude stand somewhere, such as a corner, or have them move at will (such as charge into an opponent to blow up or just to be used as a simple decoy). This also includes jumping by looking up, which means the Holodude can be commanded to jump up a flight of stairs. However, this movement can be rather buggy, meaning there are times where the Holodude will fail to move at all due to an irregular way of moving around.

Note that the Holodude is not actually physical, meaning it is easy to walk through it if the owner of a Holodude. Due to a glitch the author could not figure out, most Weapons fired will just go through the Holodude. Explosives such as the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher work fine, as does the Nailgun. The Super Nailgun can kill the Holodude, but doing such will cause the server to immediately crash.

While Jayke Savage tried to get this working for Singleplayer, he could not find a way to get Monsters to detect the Holodude. This means the use of this mod is mostly limited to Deathmatch games.