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A head hunting for a victim

Heads is a modification for Quake made by Casey Robinson and Gene Warren. Intended as a humorous modification, this modification allows Gibbed heads to be picked up. Doing such will result in the message "You get ahead" being displayed. Players also can get a head if they use the impulse 9 cheat.

Players can throw a head if they have on in their inventory by using impulse 12. These heads will fly around and seek an opponent to kill, which they do by exploding on contact with their opponent. If they cannot find an opponent, they will go rouge and turn on the player after a short period of time.

Note that players that have their heads picked up may appear to be stuck in the vacuum around the map. While a bug, this is justified by the designers as the player being banished to hell for their slowness. They can be "redeemed" or fix their issues by respawning.

New Death Messages

  • "Player" enjoys "Attacker"'s head - Death by enemy head
  • "Player" will run faster next time - Death by own (rouge) head


Head picked up
Head being thrown (very soft in-game)
Head bouncing off surfaces
Head has detected opponent
Head turned rogue
Head exploding