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Heavy Armor
Damage Absorption

66%, 100 ap


25 seconds

Found in

In Quake 3, Heavy Armor is a red-tinted armor that gives a player +100% Armor points when picked up, with a maximum of 200. Like Light Armor, Heavy Armor absorbs ⅔ of an attack. It can also be stacked with Light Armor. The Heavy Armor is referred by some as Red Armor. Spawn timer on Heavy Armor is 25 seconds by default.


The Heavy Armor is very effective against powerful attacks, so people tend to fight over the area it's in as a control point, along with Megahealth, the Heavy Armor (sometimes referred to Red Armor) is often found only in one point in the map. If there's a lull in fighting, try to run in and take out the guy controlling it. Remember that he probably has 150+ Armor points, so be careful. If there are people fighting over control, ambush them and try to take them out before they get a lock on you.

As an item, the Heavy Armor will guarantee that you'll survive a few powerful attacks, such as a Rocket or Railgun shot, so try to pick it up if you can. It is one of the first spawning power-ups in the map and could be rushed right away after you have some stacks going and have a strong burst damage weapon. Just remember Heavy Armor is a sniper attraction center just like Megahealth, however you always have opportunities to turn it around with other pickups in case you get denied.

If there's too much fighting near the Armor and you're not in the mood to deal with it, grab a Light Armor or collect some Armor Shards. It provides less Armor points, but it has the same absorption rate. Combine this and Megahealth you will have a good amount of advantage against any player, keep in mind that Heavy Armor is not permanent if you already have Armor, it will slowly tick back to 100 points, one can collect smaller Armor to maintain 100+ points.