For the Quake Live version see Heavy Machine Gun

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The Heavy Machinegun ups the firerate and damage over the starting variety, but the same properties still apply. Compared to the Lightning Gun, the spread on the HMG allows for a little more leniency in aiming in exchange for lower damage, but with the added ability of being able to return fire against champions holding the Railgun.

—Quake Champions Overview

The Heavy Machine Gun is a weapon in Quake Champions, it fires hitscan Bullets each dealing 10 points of damage with good accuracy. It is a improvement over the normal Machinegun and deals higher damage per bullet.

Strategy Edit

  • Use the Heavy Machine Gun to return fire against long range enemies with the Railgun.
  • The Heavy Machine Gun can be used to finish off wounded opponents hit by a Rocket Launcher.
  • This weapon should be avoided if you don't have good aim.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Heavy Machine Gun is a returning weapon from Quake Live, the design of the weapon is similiar now with a grey color scheme.