The Hell Hatchet is a replacement for the Axe found in Freak's Firepower. Primarily a melee Weapon, this Weapon can also fire fireballs if not directly striking anything, allowing for slightly more damage than a Nailgun.

This Weapon is also referred to as the HemophiliAxe. This Weapon is coated in a deadly coagulant. Making contact with an opponent shall result in said opponent becoming infected with Hemophillia. Opponents infected shall bleed when shot and will receive double the amount of damage of a normal attack.

Players infected with Hemophillia can only be healed by picking up a 100 Health as it will re-clot the blood by using its medical magic. Note that Hemophillia can only infect other players, Monsters have a different DNA set that makes them immune to the virus.


While this Weapon is different from the Axe, the use case is rather similar. The player will rarely have purpose to use this Weapon in normal gameplay, only turning to it as a last resort.

In Deathmatch games, the projectiles fired by this Weapon can also be useful to annoy pursuers or just to spam them in small rooms. Furthermore, the Hemiphillia can be used to quickly weaken an opponent, lowering their life and allowing for a much easier death. However, it is easier said than done to get in range to strike said opponent with the HemophiliAxe.

Being hit with the HemophiliAxe shall result in the message - "Player" has been slashed by the HemophiliAxe.

Picking up a 100 Health shall result in the message Your blood is slowly reclotting. After a moment of this, the message Scabs are now forming shall appear and the player shall no longer be infected with Hemophillia.



  • Somewhat faster than the vanilla Axe.
  • Can fire projectiles when not in melee range that don't cost Ammo and can therefore be easily spammed.
  • Can quickly tear someone's life down if they have Hemophillia. A single direct shot from a Rocket Launcher will immediately kill them.


  • The projectiles from a Hell Hatchet is weaker than most other Weapons in the game, meaning it still generally would be more ideal to use them.
  • The more powerful of the two modes, the HemophiliAxe, only works in Deathmatch.
  • The HemophiliAxe also requires the player to get within melee range, thus making it dangerous.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was Hell-Hacked by "Attacker"


The Hell Hatchet being swung in the air
The Hell Hatchet's projectile being fired
The Hell Hatchet's projectile colliding with a surface
The Hell Hatchet hitting something solid and hard
A Player is infected with Hemophillia
The Hell Hatchet hitting somebody