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Hell Spawn.PNG Hell Spawn nospots.PNG
Hell Spawn


Attack Damage
  • Jump (11-20)
  • Explosion (120)
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


A deadly upgrade to Quake's spawn.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

Hell Spawn are a greenish variant of Quake's Spawn or Tarbaby, found in the Quake second expansion Dissolution of Eternity.


  • The main difference between a Hell Spawn and its blueish cousin is the ability to duplicate itself infinitely. Because of this, it should be killed as soon as possible.
  • Duplicates (green spawns without orange "eyes") are incapable of further replication and could be dealt with later.
  • Hell Spawn activates only second or so after becoming aware of player. If you have noticed it as well this pause allows you to easy kill the monster with a rocket/grenade launcher without giving it the opportunity to make any copies.
  • If you see a Hell Spawn in a room full of Enemies, attack it first, preferably from a distance before it starts jumping at you. It has same health as a regular Spawn so it should go down quickly. If it duplicates, though, you can kill the duplicate, which shouldn't be too hard because there is a brief moment before it starts attacking, or run out of the room and try to rain grenades on them from a safe place. Basically, fighting a Hell Spawn boils down to speed and safety.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was slimed by a Spawn



The Hell Spawn spotting his enemy
The Hell Spawn bouncing off a surface
The Hell Spawn colliding with their opponent
The Hell Spawn duplicates with another Hell Spawn when injured
The Hell Spawn being killed
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