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In Quake III Arena, High Wall Jump or High Jump is a movement skill that became popular among DeFraG runners. Trick includes and uses the player model's collision to jump higher again from a solid corner. Simply hug and jump up to a knee high ledge (100-125 units high) and hold down the jump button for a small while then tap it again once midair as you're about to step on the ground.

Player model will hit its -what described as- knees at the edge of the solid surface then perform a jump that is higher after a simple tap. If timing is right, player will perform a second jump that is notably higher.

To properly do it in Q3A, player must have FPS locked in 75 or 125 frame rates with "com_maxfps #" console command. It's the only movement skill in Quake 3 Arena to require a frame rate lock. In Quake Live, player should be able to do that in any frame rate without that requirement. Reason behind this is gravity pull affects the player dependent on frames per second, updating it with every frame rendered. Game adjusts the velocity to the nearest integer fraction ratio over frames, smoothes it with very slight spikes causing player to gain jump height when frames per second is capped at 125. In online games 125 considered the highest performance you can get since connection depends on packets and data exchange between multiple clients is hard capped at 125 frames per second. In local network or playing offline it's possible to get even higher jump height when client capped the fps at 333 frames.

Most notable arena to practice that trick would be Q3DM13: Lost World, Megahealth can be reached with a High Wall Jump or a Strafe Jump. Yet, Q3DM13 hides a few other spots that may come useful as well. This trick can be used at any small protruding ledges or panels from walls, any large steps of stairs and any flight of stairs or ramps that may have sidewalks. It's up to player to find out about such spots.

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