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Homing Sticky Missiles is a modification for Quake made by Jonathan Avraham (Shambler/Procedure). This modification is an alteration of Homing Missiles that makes the Rocket Launcher projectile stick to an opponent instead of immediately blowing up. After a few seconds of remaining on said opponent (based on detection of a hitbox, meaning Crucified Zombies shall be a bit more buggy than a larger opponent), it will explode. If the player sticks multiple on one foe and they do not explode the victim, they shall instead enter flight once more and travel to the next opponent.

The homing sticky missile also has an aura around it. This can be used so a player can know that they have a rocket projectile stuck to them (other players will also see smoke from the projectile as another warning sign). Furthermore, it can be used as a makeshift flare to see in the dark, similar to Descent.