Horn conjuring

Horn of Conjuring

Upon activation, a random creature is spawned in to protect you. This creature will fight by your side and help you destroy all of your enemies. The creature will continue to fight for you until he is killed. Be careful though, you can accidentally kill your servant creature.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

The Horn of Conjuring is a new Powerup introduced in Scourge of Armagon.

When picked up, the Horn summons one or two friendly monsters to fight by your side. The monsters are randomly selected - it could be a lowly Rottweiler, but it could also be a mighty Shambler.

The summoning affects the feeble minds of the servants adversely, so consequently, they usually have a difficult time executing their tasks. The servants are obligated to follow Ranger as long as they are not assaulting another creature.[1]


The summoned monsters are distinguishable by a glowing aura. Their main disadvantage is that they move around slowly and sometimes have difficulties finding their enemies. Also keep in mind that, even though they are friendly, the summoned monsters are still vulnerable to your weapons, so you might accidentally kill them in a hot firefight.

Because the summoned creatures are randomly chosen, you will have to adapt your strategy accordingly. Weak creatures are generally not worth the trouble and some people prefer to shoot them, instead of using them.

If you are lucky enough to get a Shambler, try get the most out of it. Another interesting situation is when you get a Zombie, as it cannot be killed by most monsters.


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  1. In the official game manual: Q: Why do creatures summoned by the Horn of Conjuring often act really stupid?
    A: The conjuring process often affects the feeble minds of the creatures adversely. As a result, the creatures often have a difficult time performing. Conjured creatures are commanded to follow you whenever they are not fighting another creature. You can use that to your advantage by leading the charmed creature to an enemy you are trying to destroy.
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