Hornet (Q4)


Attack Damage
  • 30 (rocket direct impact)
  • 20 (Rocket Splash Damage)
  • 50 (Bomb Damage)
  • 3-30 (Machine Gun Damage)
Found in

Quake 4


In Quake 4, Hornets are low-flying Strogg aircraft designed to harass and attack ground-based targets, and drop Convoys onto the ground. They are armed with missiles and can drop bombs, making them effective against most types of armor used by the Marines.

They are found in the two vehicle levels of Quake 4.


  • Hornets are quite agile, so try to get somewhat close to them before firing your cannon or missiles. This puts you in range for a bombardment or missile assault, so get ready to move after you've fired the shots. Shoot them with cannon or missile at long range is not a good idea, they are smart enough to avoid them, even when you are not detected.
  • With other enemies, the Hornet should be destroyed after taking out Turrets and Heavy Hover Tanks. While it's missiles can do damage, they are not guided and can be easily avoided, unlike the Tank's rocket and Turret's plasma balls. When the Hornets is carrying turrets however, target it first before you have to deal with more foes.
  • The Hornets are real problems if you are riding SMC Walker, they will hammer you with speed and their own machine gun, so take them out after you deal with ground turrets and don't forget to stay mobile. Hornets should be your primary target because they will easily outmanoeuvre your SMC Walker.
  • While on foot or in the SMC Walker, it is almost impossible to dodge their attack at close due to their speed, keep a distance if possible.


  • A previous version of the Hornet was being heavily used across multiple combat theaters during the War on Earth. Known as the Tormentor, these low-flying craft were piloted by several different classes of Strogg soldiers, and were a persistent threat to Human military forces. It's unknown whether the Hornets in use across Stroggos had pilots seated within like their predecessors, or were fully fledged Strogg units on their own right.
    • However, it seems that they have been replaced by the Stream Protector as they are more versatile in a ground assault, while airborne units have fallen from favour after the second human force invasion of Stroggos.
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