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Humans (Latin: Homo, meaning "Man") are a genus of sentient peoples native to Earth and part of the primate family. Fossil records date the last surviving species (Homo sapiens, meaning "Wise Man") as having existed for about 200,000 years before the common era.


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The StroggEdit

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Invasion of EarthEdit

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First Invasion of StroggosEdit

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Second Invasion of StroggosEdit

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Global Defense ForceEdit

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The Global Defense Force, or G.D.F. was formed in response to the initial Strogg invasion of Earth.

Terran Coalition of ManEdit

Main article: Terran Coalition of Man

The Terran Coalition of Man comprises all remaining human forces; it was under the banner of the T.C.M. that the first and second invasions of Stroggos were launched.[1]

Space Marine CorpsEdit

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The Space Marine Corps, or S.M.C., is subordinate organization of the T.C.M., and is the primary assault force of the second invasion.


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