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Hyper Blaster Guard


Will gib when health is


Attack Damage
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These troops have a modified version of the Hyper Blaster as a deadly prosthetic.

—The Reckoning Manual

The Hyper Blaster Guard is one of three new guards introduced in The Reckoning. The Guard fires blue energy shots which deal 1 damage each.


Hyperblaster: The Hyper Blaster Guard shoots multiple weak blue blaster bolts.


  • Despite being a Guard, Hyper Blaster Guard has fair amount of health for a weak Enemy. Although a point blank shot from the Super Shotgun will gib it, players may be taken off guard when this enemy survives a shot from range.
  • Although its attack is weak,  most of the time they will attack in groups and can deal a lot of damage together.
  • Treat him like a guard with more health. You can use Super Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Hyperblaster or Machine Gun to kill them. If you are facing only one Hyper Blaster Guard alone, you can use just Machine Gun to kill it, or if you want to save ammo and you are skilled enough you can use Blaster too.


The Guard being idle
The Guard spotting an opponent
The Guard being injured
The Guard being killed
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