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Q2 Weapon Hyper Blaster.png
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 20 (SP)
  • 15 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type



Quake 2

A hyper blaster is an energy chain gun with no spin up delay. Its high rate of fire is incredibly effective at destroying the enemy and depleting your energy cells.

—The Quake II Manual

In Quake 2, the Hyperblaster (named Hyper Blaster in the manual} fires a constant stream of lasers towards a target. While it has a fire rate lower than the Chain gun's, it's still a very potent Weapon when used in the right hands.

The weapon has a "cool-down" delay that occurs after several repeated shots; you'll be unable to use it for a few seconds after you stop holding the fire key. Try to be aware of the when you're firing. For example, when you're just about to let go of the fire key, run away and hide to protect yourself.

The Hyperblaster uses the same ammo that the BFG10k and Energy Armor use, if you need to use the BFG a lot, don't use the Hyperblaster.


Single Player[]

  • In SP, the Hyperblaster is a good weapon that can cut down enemies as strong as the Gunner with ease. Once you start encountering harder enemies, such as the Tank, the Hyperblaster will become less effective, but shouldn't be abandoned, due to the frequency of Gunners and other medium-powered enemies in the game.
  • The Hyperblaster can also be used as an alternate to the Chain Gun. Since the CG tends to quickly eat up ammo, you'll be using the Hyperblaster much more often than you think you would.
  • Once you get the BFG10K, you'll probably want to use the Hyperblaster less, as it uses the same ammo pool that the BFG does.
  • Essentially has the hitting power of the Chain Gun but with near-perfect accuracy, it can pick off unaware or slow-moving enemies at a distance.


  • In MP, the Hyperblaster is able to cut down a target in no time, even if he has Body Armor, as it is able to bypass either all or a good part of an opponent's extra defenses. As usual, being able to predict where your enemy will be and good circle-strafing skills can turn this weapon into a beast.
  • If you're fighting somebody that has a Hyperblaster, try to make it so that they have to stop firing for a few seconds, such as getting out of his sight long enough so that he has to stop firing to prevent wasting ammo. When you don't hear him firing, go up and attack him. Hopefully you'll inflict enough damage to kill him. If not, he'll be weak enough for you to finish him off when he gets started.


  • On the worldmodel, the carry handle on top is pointing backwards. The first-person model is pointing forwards.
  • In the PS1 version of the game the hyperblaster has a different sound than the PC and N64 versions of the game. The sound is also used for the enemies that have blasters as weapons like the Icarus and Flyer.