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Q2 installation

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Pc icon Unit 1
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07 - Quad Machine

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Outer Base

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Comm Center

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Pc icon Ammo Depot
PS1 icon Detention Center

Specific Information
Difficulty Pc icon PS1 icon
Easy 35 24
Medium 41 32
Hard/Nightmare 50 32


New Weapons

Machine Gun

New Powerups

PS1 icon Quad Damage

New Enemies

Pc icon Machine Gun Guard


Primary: Establish communication link to command ship.

  • Use sewer tunnels to gain access to the Comm Center.
  • Pc icon Locate unit exit and kill all resistance.
  • PS1 icon Locate entrance to Detention Area.
Marines, we're at 5% ground force operational status.

—TCM radio transmission

The Installation is the second level of Unit 1 of Quake II. This is the first example of Hub gameplay in Quake II, as a player sometimes needs to visit a level several times to achieve new objectives or reach areas that were not accessible before.

The Installation consists of two buildings. The first one houses a storage area and a control room with a schematic of the Base complex. A shallow pool of Water separates the two buildings and the bridge between them has been blown up, yet the gap is small enough for the player to jump over. The second building holds the exit to Unit 2, but it is not yet accessible - there is another raised bridge beyond, and the lever to lower it is in a room that cannot be reached from this direction. A narrow sewer leads out of the Water pool between the two buildings. It ends in a small room with a hatch - underneath it is the path to the Comm Center. The player's task during the first visit to the level is to find the way into the Comm Center so they can achieve their primary objective of establishing communication with the command ship. During the second visit, the lever lowering the bridge to the Unit exit is accessible and players can proceed to Ammo Depot in Unit 2.

This is the player's first opportunity to collect a Machine Gun, and the Machine Gun Guard is first encountered here.

Quick Level Completion

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Secondary objective: Use sewer tunnels to gain access to the Comm Center

The level begins in the elevator that you used to leave the Outer Base. You are now in a large storage room with several crates and explosive barrels all over the place and a number of guards waiting for you. Ready your shotgun and enter the storage room. Kill the Machine Gun Guard as you enter. Doing so attracts the attention of another who was lurking behind the crate and possibly a third. A fourth machine gun guard hides behind a crate in the far corner of the room, and the action should attract the attention of a light guard from the hallway. Kill all of the guards, and then collect the shells and armor shards directly across from the elevator. There are a few light guards on the floor above, but they can be ignored for the moment.

Screenshot 04

Don't let this enforcer take you by surprise.

Pass through the doors across from the elevator and collect the stimpacks before proceeding. As you follow the corridor, an enforcer will approach. Kill the enforcer and collect the medkits from around the corridor if you need them. Around the corner is a larger room with computer terminals on the walls, a machine gun locked away behind some bars, and machine gun guards and enforcers on patrol. Shoot the first machine gun guard and any other enemies that notice you before charging into the room. Kill the remaining guards and enforcers, and then head to the area with the machine gun. There is a button beside the barred-off area. Press the button to lower the bars and pick up the machine gun and bullets. Now, head for the far side of the room. If you haven't secured the area already, there will be a couple more enforcers here, and possibly a machine gun guard. Once you have cleared the room of enemies and supplies, head for the small lift at the far end of the room. It takes you up to the upper level. Once again, light guards will be waiting for you if you did not kill them before you took the machine gun. Once the guards are dead, you can either take the corridor to your right or walk around the balcony to your left. Going left allows you to collect some supplies and return to the upper level of the storage room (where, again, there may be some guards waiting for you) while going right gives you a quick route to your objective. Either way, take the corridor to your right when you're finished.

This corridor has an enforcer on patrol. You can kill the enforcer easily with your machine gun. He may drop a box of 50 bullets when he is killed. Another enforcer will notice you; shoot him as well. Go through the door on the right-hand side of the corridor to emerge into an outdoor area. There is a canal between you and the communications center and the bridge is broken. You now must find an alternate route.

Screenshot 05

The large sewer tunnel is your way into the Communication Center.

Kill the light guards on patrol, and then either take the staircase down or simply drop into the water. Head for the large, round sewer tunnel and follow it. It will lead you into a dark room with a closed drain hatch and a few light guards. Take out the guards, and then hit the button to open the drain hatch. You can now drop down to enter the Comm Center.

After returning from the Comm Center

Once the primary objective has been achieved in the Comm Center, the player will return to the Installation via a new area - this room contains a lever which opens the path to the Unit exit. After operating this lever, make your way to the left - disposing of the occasional Strogg along the way - which leads you back to the central outdoors area with the destroyed bridge. A trio of Flyers are in this area. Once they're dealt with, follow the path around to the right to reach a bridge leading to the exit that wasn't accessible on your first visit to this level. Proceed through, dealing with the odd Guard along the way until you reach the room containing the exit elevator. Several Gunners are on patrol in this room, and there is also a Quad Damage to be found near the elevator. Once you're done here, press the button in the elevator to complete Unit 1 and proceed to Unit 2.



Enemy Easy Medium Hard/Nightmare
Light Guard 16 21 26
Machine Gun Guard 8 8 9
Enforcer 6 7 9
Gunner 2 2 3
Flyer 3 3 3

Enemy Easy Medium Hard/Nightmare
Light Guard 6 7 7
Shotgun Guard 6 6 3
Machine Gun Guard 6 10 11
Enforcer 3 4 6
Gunner 1 2 2
Flyer 2 3 3


  • Pc icon #1) When you find the sewer pipe in the outer courtyard, enter the opening to the left instead to find a flooded area. Stay close to the right wall and you will find a cracked wall. Shoot at the wall to reveal a Shotgun (Super Shotgun in the Demo version).
  • Pc icon #2) SECOND VISIT: In the final room with the exit elevator, there is a passage leading to an area under the room's floor. Enter it and explore to find a Super Shotgun, but as you collect it, six Light Guards will emerge.

PSX version:

  • PS1 icon #1) After ascending the first elevator, follow the path to the left. A wall section will open behind you containing a Quad Damage.
  • PS1 icon #2) When you find the sewer pipe in the outer courtyard, enter the opening to the left instead to find a flooded area. Stay close to the right wall and you will find a cracked wall. Shoot at the wall to reveal a Super Shotgun.

Differences in the Demo version

  • Different enemy counts.
  • The end level has a Tank awaiting behind a door that opens when you finish the Gunner guarding it.
  • There are more Machine Gun Guards in the beginning of the level.
  • Early appearance of the Super Shotgun in Secret #1.
  • More MG Guards and Enforcers in the Machine Gun area and the lower level of the first Elevator room.
  • More Light Guards in the upper corridor.
  • Two Enforcers prior to the outdoors area.
  • More Light Guards in the exit to Comm Center.
  • Less Gunners (no wonder due to the presence of the Tank) in the last area.

Differences in the PSX version

  • Different enemy count and secrets (see above)
  • No Quad Damage is present in the final room before the unit exit, but a Quad Damage is found in one of the secret areas earlier. The PC player won't find a Quad Damage until the next level.
  • Less ammo is available in the area above the starting room.
  • When this level is complete, the next level in the campaign is Detention Center; the PSX version does not include the Warehouse unit.



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