Iron Maiden (Beta Class)
Iron Maiden (Beta Class)


Will gib when health is


Attack Damage
  • (50) Homing Rocket Launcher
  • (10-15) Melee
Found in

This bitch is bad news. Her rockets will track your ass down, but they won’t around objects. So if she fires one off, look fast for cover.

—The Reckoning Manual

Not quite as much of an improvement as the Brains, the Iron Maiden (Beta Class)'s only major change over its predecessor is lock-on heat seeking missiles instead of its usual dumb-fire rockets. While this means that fighting one in the open is no longer advisable, taking shots from cover effectively neutralizes this threat. When killed, Beta Class Iron Maidens may drop Rockets.


  • Beware of their heat-seeking rockets. Avoid them by using other enemies as meat shields or take cover behind corners.
  • Like normal Iron Maidens, you can use your Railgun or Rocket Launcher to kill them. You can use similar strategies that you use when fighting a regular Iron Maiden, but remember that her rockets are homing.
  • Their pain state has the Beta Class Iron Maiden fall on her back and that coupled with her slow Homing Rocket Launcher animation before firing another shot makes the Iron Maiden fairly useless in combat alone without support.
  • Even if the player hasn’t noticed the Beta Class Iron Maiden is about, her unique feminine gasp as she steadies her aim is a clear indication to the player that a rocket is coming their way and that they should move. If you have a chance, stun her so that she'll take a break from rocket spamming.


The Iron Maiden (Beta Class) spotting an opponent
The Iron Maiden (Beta Class) being injured
The Iron Maiden (Beta Class) being killed


  • When idle, iron maiden (beta class) sometimes using her right claw to press gently on her boobs when she gasps as she inspects her breasts, then right arm down.
  • When a Iron Maiden (Beta Class) spots the player, they will shout something that sounds like "Traitor!".
  • If player gets very close to Iron Maiden (Beta Class) when she is about to fire a rocket, the rocket won't be fired, but her firing animation will continue.
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