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Using JAFO mode in DM4: The Bad Place

JAFO PATCH is a modification for Quake made by Scott Lyon. The name is in reference to a term used in Blue Thunder. This gives the players the ability to watch Deathmatch games without getting directly involved in the action. This is done by giving the player a Ring of Shadows effect, adding a Pentagram of Protection, and give them the ability to Noclip as needed. At the same time, the observing player cannot use any Weapon and cannot pick up anything in the level.

To prevent cheating, it is impossible to leave observer mode until the level ends or the player exists the server. As long as the player has Noclip on, they most likely won't be assumed to be an opponent.

Impulse 210 turns JAFO mode on. Impulse 211 gives players in this mode the ability to Noclip, while impulse 212 can be used to turn off Noclip. Use Impulse 215 to quickly see server rules, which also quickly display upon entering the server.

Included with this modification is some support for MultiSkin.

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