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Johannes Marinus Paulus van Waveren (born. September 15, 1977 - died. January 31, 2017) also known as Mr.Elusive and Jan Paul van Waveren was a game industry veteran and enthusiast who is known for his partake in creating a Doom add-on back in '95 and programming many different bot A.I for the Quake series. His academic life was based on A.I and graphics research before uniting ways with Id Software.

Most notable achievement of him would be Quake 3 Bots' artificial intelligence as he invented a whole new awareness system for bots and to this day it's used by Id Software along their games for enemy and NPC A.I for staple.

After working at countless titles along Id's history, he left with John Carmack to become a senior engineer in Oculus VR in late 2014. He worked with Vulkan API and Khronos VR.

After a long battle against cancer he died at the age of 39. [1]

Mods Edit

  • Doom The Abyss - Megawad for Doom with new levels. Worked with H2so4
  • Omicron Bot - QuakeC mod for Quake which adds unique dynamic cpu controlled enemies in multiplayer, originally as a "trainer" for the Omicron Clan. Worked with H2so4
  • Gladiator Bot - Mod for Quake II which adds unique cpu controlled opponents, uses AAS files similiarly to the Quake 3 Bots, this bot is the predecessor of the Quake 3 Bots.

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