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Terran Coalition of Man


Destroyed Strogg Moon Base, returned home alive


Joker is a human Marine and the main protagonist of The Reckoning.

He was a part of an elite squad, whose mission was to locate and neutralize the Strogg counter-fleet. During the descent to the planet surface, he was separated from the rest of his team. This ultimately saved his life because his team was pinned down and slaughtered by the Strogg.

On his own, Joker discovered the location of the Strogg fleet, destroyed their fuel production plant, hijacked a Strogg freighter, and successfully destroyed the Strogg Moon Base.

He evacuated before the explosion and returned back to command ship alive and well. It was Joker who first confronted Makron on Stroggos' moon and defeated him. However Makron was only killed for good by Bitterman later.