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Kmquake 2 screenshot

KMQuake 2 is a Quake 2 Source port created by Knightmare. The goal of the sourceport was to lessen limitations for mappers to use in their custom maps. Along with that, the source port has also many new rendering effects such as shadows, dynamic lights, high-res texture support, improved interface, and more features.

KMQuake 2 comes with the Lazarus mod, which enhances map features. Also included is the Ace Bot II mod and 3 Team CTF mod.

A downside of KMQuake 2 is the custom mod support. Mods need to be compiled for compatibility with KMQuake2. The included documentation helps the user to do the steps.


  • Improved limits and map limits
  • High-res texture support
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Improved interface
  • Built in Ace Bot 2 mod
  • Built in 3 Team CTF mod
  • Decal support
  • New effects
  • Support for 44 khz and 48 khz sound
  • Support for more than 1024 entities active in a map
  • Maps can extend beyond the +/- 4092 coordinates when compiled with KMQBSP
  • Support for external music

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