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KeyMix is a compilation mod for Quake made by KeyTrap that merges together THE FIEND MOD, MultiSkin, The Super Duper Wacky Fish Blower, and GIBBIN3. Furthermore, it features some changes made by KeyTrap. This mod is mostly intended for Deathmatch, though Singleplayer elements do exist. It mostly featured whatever code he could obtain, since certain mods lacked their source code and thus couldn't be used here.

THE FIEND MOD was modified to make the Fiend player a bit stronger and give it 200 Health upon picking up the Fiend's Pentagram. As the Fiend player is entirely melee oriented, this was done to give them more of an advantage against multiple Rocket Launcher opponents. The Electro-Axe is also turned on by default.

On top of the features included in MultiSkin, this modification changes the back and forward navigation through the skins to impulses 198 and 199 respectively. Impulses 200-231 are used for the 32 MultiSkin choices, allowing the player to set an impulse jumping right to their preferred skin, since the skins reset every time the level changes.

Also included is a commented out section that allows the player to use impulse 9 in Deathmatch. It can be easily activated, but the problem is that every player can use the same cheats.

Some various Weapon modes are also included and can be switched between by using impulse 63. A bug involving the Double-Barrelled Shotgun was also fixed, in the vanilla game it was possible to go under zero Ammo and have the counter read 255 when the player had no Ammo.

Kicking was included, but according to KeyTrap serves no purpose as it does not function at all. This is incorrect, Kicking is fully functional, and it most likely was a result of him not moving into Monsters before trying to kick them.

A mod was originally intended to be included that would allow the player to fire through Teleporters, but the mod would crash certain levels such as E2M1: the Installation.

Weapon Modes

  • Super Nailgun - Can alternatively fire as a Superlasergun, which fires the same projectile as an Enforcer. This mode causes a bit more damage, but requires 3 Cells per shot. As KeyTrap did not know how to change the collision sound, the normal nail collision sound is heard when it hits a surface.
  • Grenade Launcher - Can alternatively fire pipe bombs, which are similar to grenades but wait until impulse 62 is pressed for the bomb to go off. They also explode if the player dies or disconnects from the server. The proximity grenades included as part of THE FIEND MOD are found under a tertiary mode as opposed to replacing the default Weapon.
  • Rocket Launcher - Can alternatively fire in drunk missle mode, entirely inspired by the Drunk Missle from Rise of the Triad. This fires three Rockets at once that can quickly lock onto an opponent. There was originally intended to be a tertiary mode with a singular homing missile, but the code did not work well.


Superlasergun being fired