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Kicking is a modification for Quake made by Shawn Kohlsmith (AsmodeusB). This give the player the ability to kick random opponents by using impulse 120.

Upon kicking an opponent, they will move based on the angle the player is facing. Looking down is more powerful, giving the player the ability to shoot the opponent across a room. Note that the kick causes no damage, it is fully intended to be used to push other players into Hazards.

Kicking requires the player to be directly touching their opponent; it is advised to have impulse 120 bound to a key and to be moving forward into the opponent the player wishes to kick. There is a glitch however; binding this to a key results in the player kicking twice instead of once.

The player will know it was successful if the kick was successful if the message "Attacker has given Player the boot" appears on the screen. Since this was intended for Deathmatch, Monsters that are kicked will display their code name as opposed to the regular name ("monster_army" instead of Grunt).