This is no place to let your guard down. Come on, let's see if we can't find my squad up ahead.

—PFC Kovitch to Matthew Kane.

Private First Class Kovitch is a character featured in Quake IV. He is a member of Badger Squad in the Space Marine Corps and participates in the Second Invasion of Stroggos.

Biography Edit

Second Invasion of Stroggos Edit

He engages in an assault on the Air Defense Bunker under the command of Sergeant Miller. However, he becomes separated from his team and cornered by Strogg forces inside the facility. A dropship carrying Rhino Squad crashes outside the facility and when Corporal Matthew Kane regains consciousness, he advances through the facility and rescues Kovitch from being mauled by a Grunt. The two advance together in the hopes of regrouping with Miller, who has led a team deep into the facility. They encounter Miller soon after, defending a hallway as they tend to Private Chase, a severely wounded soldier. Miller asks Kane to return to the crash site and retrieve medic Jeremiah Anderson, who tends to the injured Chase. Kovitch remains with Miller when Kane continues onwards.