Sp armor large +100ap
Large Armor
Damage Absorption

100 ap

Found in

In Quake 4, Large Armor is a type of armor that gives the player 100 armor points and absorbs 2/3 of an attack. Its appearance looks like a Marine Small Armor, but with a helmet on its right. Its multiplayer equivlant is Heavy (or Red) Armor


The Large Armor is a lifesaver, especially when in prolonged battles. The 100 points it gives you will make all of the difference when fighting strong enemies, such as Light Tanks, a horde of weak or medium-powered enemies, or enemies with strong weapons like Tactical Strogg armed with Railguns. The Large Armor can keep you from being instant-killed by powerful attacks like the guided missile from Heavy Hover Tank, or the attack from boss-type stroggs.

The Large Armor is somewhat rare, so don't expect to see it too often. You may find them in secret areas, in multiplayer, the Large Armor is red. If your armor is full and there are Large Armor for you to pick up, you remember that location in case you got hurt badly later.

When you become a Strogg, Large Armor won't give you max armor points (since your max Armor points has been increased to 125), so try to find a few Armor Shards or a Small Armor to get the max amount of armor points you can have. Also, it has the Strogg variant of armor after you have been Stroggified, the effect is the same.

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