The Laser Blaster is a replacement for the Shotgun found in Freak's Firepower. This Weapon fires projectiles similar to those fired by an Enforcer.

The author did not have a good level editor to modify the levels to provide more Cell Ammo, meaning he instead made it rely on Shells due to their availability.


While the Laser Blaster appears to be similar to the rifle fired by the Enforcer, it allows for rapid fire, firing about as fast as a Thunderbolt. This means that the primary usage of this Weapon, beyond being the default, is for rapid spamming to cause as much damage as possible. According to the author, this makes the Weapon about as useful as a Super Nailgun, though it should be noted that the Laser Blaster is far weaker. While based on the Shotgun, the rapid-fire nature does mean it is far easier to waste Ammo or have much accuracy.



  • Has a much further range than the Thunderbolt and isn't a risk under the Water.
  • Ammo is extremely common; using other Weapons shall mostly be a case of running out of Ammo for this gun.


  • Even if Shells are extremely common, this Weapon does also eat through them.
  • Due to only causing 8 damage per shot, it requires more Shells to kill an opponent than the vanilla Shotgun. The player can cause more damage in a single shot with the Hell Hatchet.
  • Unlike the Hell Hatchet, it costs Ammo to use this Weapon.

Death Messages

  • "Player" was cauterized by "Attacker"'s blaster


Laser Blaster being fired
Laser Blaster projectile colliding with a solid surface