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Laser Cannon
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Scourge of Armagon

This weapon emits a series of laser blasts that disintegrates anything in its path. The laser canon [sic] will have the ability to bounce off an inanimate object at least once; in tight quarters, maybe twice.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

Disintegrate scores of creatures with scorching laser blasts. Use the rebounding properties of this weapon to tag your enemies around corners.

Ritual’s official website

The Laser Cannon emits a series of laser blasts that mows down enemies. This weapon has the ability to bounce off inanimate objects, making it real handy for use around corners.

Activision’s official website

The Laser Cannon is a Weapon introduced in Scourge of Armagon. It is a large firearm that fires 2 lasers per shot at a high rate (each shot only consumes one Cell, despite firing two). The lasers ricochet off walls and around corners making it useful for hitting Enemies out of sight.

The Laser Cannon shares Cells with the Thunderbolt, making it the first Weapon to do so. The Thunderbolt is more powerful but since it has limited range, the Laser Cannon comes into play for far off enemies.

Unlike the Thunderbolt, it will not create an explosive discharge when fired underwater. This is probably because it fires laser projectiles instead of emitting lightning.

If a laser beam does not make contact with anything within five seconds, it shall disappear.

Armagon has two arm mounted Laser Cannons, which he most often fires as single shots, but will sometimes fire rapidly.


The Laser Cannon is found relatively early on and is useful for plowing through large groups of weak enemies, and finishing off strong monsters like the Shambler and the Vore. Most of the time it can be used as a stronger alternative to the Nailgun, but its bouncing shots also make it useful for hitting enemies around corners. Try not to be careless with it, because its shots are likely to bounce into you instead.


Laser Cannon being fired
Laser Cannon projectile ricochet
Laser Cannon projectile colliding with a solid surface

Trivia Edit

  • The sound of the Laser Cannon firing closely resembles the firing sound of most blasters from the Star Wars series. Especially the Imperial E-11 blaster rifle.


Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" was radiated by "Attacker"'s laser
  • "Player" was toasted by "Attacker"'s laser
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