Light Armor
Light Armor
Damage Absorption

66%, 50 ap


25 seconds

Found in

In Quake 3, Light Armor is a yellow-tinted Armor that grants somebody 50 Armor points when picked up. Like the Heavy Armor, it absorbs ⅔ of an attack and has a maximum of 200 armor points. It can be stacked with Heavy Armor for more armor points. Light Armor has a default spawn timer of 25 seconds.


Light Armor should be picked up soon after one respawns. It gives somebody enough protection to survive a Rocket, Railgun or BFG10k, so pick it up as soon as you can!

If you're stunted after taking Light Armor, mind roaming health spawns and paying a visit to armor shards. Squeezing out the efficiency from one pickup may help you survive for longer at tight spaces. Still, better positioning will give you an edge over stacked opponents.

On competitive matches, Light Armor can be a key item to starve your opponent after a few frags. Especially if Megahealth is taken recently, that leaves you to focus or ambush on Heavy Armor then pay a visit to a Light Armor spawn after a kill to starve your opponent from resources.

Light Armor is a good candidate for recovering the situation after you lost your control over higher grade pickups like Heavy Armor and Megahealth. Once you get the control of Light Armor you can plan for striking for bigger items and hunt ammo boxes like rockets to throttle fire often.