Light Guard
Light Guard (Q4)


Attack Damage
  • Blaster (1-15 damage)
Found in

Quake 4


In Quake 4, a Light Guard, or "Light Marine", is a Guard equipped with a Blaster grafted to the right arm, capable of firing five-round bursts. It is the most widely produced Strogg unit, since it's presumably easy to develop. They are one of the most common units found on Stroggos, guarding almost every area on the planet.

Light Guards make their first appearance in the first level, and carry on appearing throughout the whole game.

Description Edit

It typically fires a 5-round burst from its blaster, with a short delay between bursts, it will take about 2 seconds to aim.


  • Despite having low health, the Light Guard can inflict a good amount of damage if all of its shots connect. They're quite fast, so you might get caught off-guard and hit by them once in a while. Strafe to avoid them.
  • Any weapon can kill it, but the Machine Gun or Shotgun should be used to conserve ammo. If there's a group of them, one or two shots with a grenade launcher would presumably annihilate them. There is no need in using any heavier weapons, since ammunition should be conserved for tougher units. A fully charged blaster shot to the head will most likely kill any Guard instantly, or fire blaster rapidly, you do not need to worry about its ammunition so you can "spray" him.
  • With other enemies, the Light Guard is cannon fodder. It's Blaster shots can get in your way, making it harder to focus on a powerful foe. Therefore, try to take it out as soon as you see it.


  • When flyers are destroyed, the corpse of a Guard will fall out. This shows that Guards have both infantry and aviation roles.
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