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Unit 2

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Tactical Command

Specific Information


  • Primary: Uplink to capitol ship to reprogramm data disk.
  • Secondary:**Randevouz at entrance with incoming marine.
    • Access Logicstics Complex, locate Detention Block.
    • Eliminate Tank Commander and retrieve its head.
    • Bring uplink online using communications terminal.
    • Reallign satellites' array to interfere with capitol ship.
    • Collect disk and return to Tactical Command.


  • Logistics Complex for the first time:

You start this level from a distant canyon entrance from Waterfront Storage. Proceed through the canyon, eliminating the Strogg guarding the way, to get the Complex. As you approach, an incoming marine in a drop pod will fly into the front door of the Complex, opening the way for you.

This is the only point in Quake II, Quake II: Ground Zero or Quake II: The Reckoning that the player gets to witness a drop pod landing firsthand, outside of each title's opening video sequences.

Once inside the Complex, take a lift and go down to the Detention Block. Here your objective is to eliminate Tank Commander, whose head you will be needing later to pass security back in Waterfront Storage. You can eliminate the Commander personally or by activating security lasers from a room on an upper floor. To deactivate the lasers you have to go back to the room located on the left side of the previous elevator, and remember to stay away from them because they are as deadly for you as for the Commander. Pick up his now disembodied head and proceed to the bridge controls via a nearby air vent. Once you find yourself in the bridge control room, activate the bridge and make your way to Waterfront Storage through this new exit, which is guarded by a Medic Commander.

  • Logistics Complex for the second time (after returning from Tactical Command):

Setting your foot for the second time in Logistics Complex you have to uplink to capital ship to reprogram data disk. Get to the room with the communications terminal, load data disk and bring uplink online, then proceed to the room with a button to realign satellites' array. Now return and collect data disk and go back to Tactical Command.


  • #1) After return from Unit 2 Level 4 Tactical Command, there is a flame switch located on one side of computer console which requires a Data CD to be placed for uplink. Shoot it to reveal a secret area. Turn around and get the Body Armor.
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