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Q2 loststa
Lost Station

Quake II


Unit 1


10 - Climb

Connected Maps

Comm Center

Specific Information

Easy: 56
Medium: 61
Hard/Nightmare: 65



New Weapons

Super Shotgun

New Powerups


New Obstacles

Blaster Trap

New Enemies

Barracuda Shark

New Misc

Creepy Rubber Duck

  • Primary: Establish communication link to command ship.
  • Secondary:
    • Locate a powerful weapon.
    • Resume previous mission.

The Lost Station is a hidden level in Unit 1 of Quake 2. It takes place in the lower levels of the base, beneath the Comm Center. The level features a central gondola that allows swift travel throughout the station, several winding corridors, and a cave that contains a Super Shotgun. The station is protected mostly by Guards, Enforcers and Flyers, plus two Parasites. It may be the player's first encounter with Flyers and Parasites, assuming the player found the entrance to the Lost Station at the first opportunity rather than proceeding further into the Comm Center. It is also the first encounter with Barracuda Sharks, and the first opportunity to collect an Invulnerability power-up.

The objective of the level is to retrieve the Super Shotgun; a powerful weapon that will come in useful during your assault on the communication center. However, the Super Shotgun cannot be reached until its access bridge is lowered. In order to lower the access bridge, the red key must be obtained. The super shotgun will then become accessible.


Secondary objective: Locate a powerful weapon.

You are getting closer to the Communication Center; however, it is more heavily guarded than the areas you have faced until this point and it will be extremely difficult to reach and activate the Comm Center with a shotgun and a machine gun. A more powerful weapon lies in this facility, and retrieving it will make your mission somewhat easier.

You start at the bottom of the elevator shaft that connects this area to the Communication Center. Exit the elevator and continue down the corridor. Collect the shotgun shells from the far side of the corridor if you need them, but be aware that there are a couple of guards in the next corridor. Once you are done in this area, follow the corridor that the light guards had been defending. Take a right turn and pass through the blast doors. Now, you will be at a tram station guarded by a couple of enforcers. Kill the enforcers with your machine gun and collect the bullets from around the room to replace the ammunition you spent. You may need to wait for a while until the gondola arrives; when it does, step onto it and enjoy the ride.

Screenshot 06

Shoot the target to aquire the red key.

When the gondola passes the lower station, get off and clear the area. To your right there is another pair of blast doors; pass through them and take the staircase up, killing the guards along the way. When you reach the top of the staircase, turn around before proceeding and shoot the target. The stairs will rise, permitting quick access to the balcony. Kill any remaining guards on the balcony and collect the red key that they had been protecting. Now, you will be able to lower the access bridge leading to the super shotgun. Proceed through the doors to the left of the stairs and kill the enforcer there. Another enforcer may jump down from a balcony to the right; take him out as well and take the doors straight ahead. There will be an enforcer or two waiting here, along with a pair of shotgun guards. If you are running low on health, feel free to retreat and lure them after you, gradually picking them off. Once you are done, continue along the corridor.

You have now reached the cave that contains the super shotgun. Shoot the enforcer that greets you as you open the doors, and then the light guards that attack from down a slope to your right. Head down the slope; keep in mind that the guards and enforcers on top of the tower will have noticed you and opened fire. There are also several flyers in the cave that you can easily destroy with your shotgun or machine gun. Clear the slope of enemies, collecting the stimpacks and first aid kits along the way, then head for the tower. At the bottom of the slope is a lift that takes you to the top. Kill any remaining enemies here, and then access the computer terminal. The access bridge is lowered; it can now be crossed. Clear the newly available room of enemies, and then collect the super shotgun and shotgun shells.

Secondary objective: Resume previous mission.

Screenshot 07

Eliminate the guards, enforcers, and flyers around the central tower.

Now that you have the super shotgun, you can return to the Communication Center. Cross the access bridge back into the cave. Several more flyers have arrived; use the super shotgun to destroy them. Once the cave is clear, return to the corridors. Be advised that more guards and enforcers will be waiting for you, but, with the super shotgun, you can kill them with little effort. Return to the station and wait until the gondola arrives, then step on and ride it back to the upper station near the entrance of the level. Kill the newly arrived enforcers, and then pass through the doors and gun down the guards and flyers that are waiting for you. Now, simply head for the lift at the entrance of the level and return to the Comm Center.


Enemy Easy Medium Hard/Nightmare
Light Guard 10 12 13
Shotgun Guard 9 10 13
Enforcer 16 18 18
Parasite 2 2 2
Barracuda 8 8 8
Flyer 11 11 11


  • #1) When you get to the room with the transport gondola, go down to the path to the right with the two Enforcers; you will come to a dead-end room full of crates. Jump up the left stack of crates, then over to the right stack to find a Silencer hiding in a sunken corner
  • #2) Back in the room with the gondola, instead of taking it, jump into the pool of water below it and follow the underwater path. You will come to a room with some supplies, including a Rebreather.
  • #3) Again, back in the room with the gondola, wait for the double doors ahead of the gondola to open, then run through and drop all the way down into the pool of water at the bottom of this huge, vertical shaft. Take out the Barracuda Sharks here, then follow the path to an underwater elevator which will take you to the secret room with some Armor, Health and 3 enemies: A Shotgun Guard, a Parasite and an Enforcer.
  • #4) When you get to the second part of the station (where the gondola will take you), go into the room with the long ramp going up, deal with the Guards blocking your way, then, when you get to the top of the ramp, turn around; you will see a Shootable Button here. If you shoot it, then quickly get off the ramp at the bottom, a secret alcove will be revealed under the elevated ramp, containing a Large Health.
  • #5) In the next room, you will see an area to your right with an upper walkway, containing some enemies. Go under here and carefully peek around the left corner; there is a Shootable Button on the high wall that will open the wall just to the left of it. Quickly go down here (dodging the Gun Trap) and drop to the bottom of this waterlogged room to find an Adrenaline and Armor Shards.
  • #6) In the room with the Red Key Door, go under the moat on the far side of the room and look to the base of the platform in the middle of the room; you will find that this part of the "wall" has a gap at the very top; shoot this portion of the wall to lower it. Fight off the Barracuda Sharks in here, then surface to find a Jacket Armor, two Large Medkits and an Invulnerability.


  • Two of the Shotgun Guards on this level have rather finicky spawn triggers. They are meant to appear in the starting area as you head back after retrieving the Super Shotgun, but they usually don't appear upon your first trip back via the gondola, and only spawn if you make another (otherwise unnecessary) trip around the gondola route. Furthermore, in the original game, they are not counted as enemies for the kills count in the Help Computer until they actually spawn (so, for example, it will show 63 kills on Hard/Nightmare at first and then 65 kills later), although this is corrected in the 2023 remaster.