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Fading Embers is the second and final map of the Realm of Blacksmiths in Dimension of the Machine.


  1. When you get to an elevator in a yellowish room containing a suit of Armor, get on it, then quickly get off to raise it up, then fall underneath it to find a Quad Damage (Q1).
  2. You will soon find yourself on an elevator that leads up to a cramped set of hallways/corridors with many Grunts, Rottweilers and Enforcers. However, on the other side of this same elevator, there is a dark and somewhat hidden path with no enemies that leads to a Red Armor.
  3. At the end of a blue-lit hallway with an Enforcer, you will come to a drop-down area with a fork in the road, containing a locked door and a Rottweiler to the right, and a staircase above the massive pool of lava to the left. Go left and before going up the stairs, VERY carefully ease yourself off the edge of the platform right next to the stairs to fall down to a lower ledge. Follow this ledge to a gap and jump across the gap to find an alcove containing a lift. Just to the left of this lift is a raised platform containing the secret, which holds a Thunderbolt and two Boxes of Cells.
  4. Go back to the metal staircase, and this time, go up the stairs and go through the stalled transport that separates the two sections of catwalk. When you emerge from the other end you will likely fight some Scrags and see another small section of catwalk along with some pipes that you will to traverse shortly. Turn to your right to see a hidden platform on the outer edge of the transport, which contains a Thunderbolt. Needless to say, be VERY careful with this jump, as you will fall to your death if you fail it.
  5. Go back through the transport again and this time, follow the path along the pipes, to an area you must drop down into containing a couple of Knights. When you drop down, look immediately to your left and up to spot a well-hidden Shootable Button; shooting this opens a secret wall to the right of the button leading to a small path with a Red Armor at the end.
  6. Past the Gold Keycard Door, you will come to a set of massive staircases that you must ascend, with enemies all around you. Eventually, you will reach a small, metal staircase/catwalk that leads to a sealed cage containing the Rune of the Blacksmiths. Before going up these stairs, look to the right of them and straight ahead to see a ledge that you can jump to. Jump the gap and go across the slightly-disjointed path to reach a Red Armor.
  7. Further along this area where you must deactivate the electrodes that keep the Rune of the Blacksmiths sealed within the cage, you will eventually find yourself going further up the upper levels of the outside of the fortress. You will eventually come across two more huge staircases you must ascend, that are guarded by several enemies, including Death Knights, Enforcers and Ogres. At the top of the second staircase, there is a metal catwalk that goes over the enclosed skyway that you went through earlier. Jump down on top of the skyway and go under the catwalk to get two Boxes of Cells.
  8. Continuing even further along with the objective of freeing the Rune of the Blacksmiths, you will eventually come across a slanted rooftop with a Green Armor on it, with Scrags around it and a giant yellow pipe. Go up the slanted rooftop and you should see a slightly recessed wall with a ledge in front of it that you can jump to. Shoot or hit this wall to open it, leading to a secret room with a Yellow Armor and 100 Health.