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Down the Waste is the first map of the Realm of Stonemasons in Dimension of the Machine.


  1. In the big room with the Gold Key Door, take care of the Grunts and Enforcers inside and drop down below into the area in between the two windowed areas; there is a wooden grate on the inside wall that you can shoot/hit to open up, revealing a path with a Double-Barrelled Shotgun and big Box of Shells inside.
  2. Inside the room with a giant pool of acid in the middle and Enforcers on the far ledge, kill the baddies, then jump across to the far ledge. Look to your left in between the crates to spot a Yellow Armor and a Shootable Button high up on the wall. Shooting this opens the room with the Armor; simply jump back across the acid pool and go around the corner to find the opened portion of wall.
  3. When you get to the room with the minecart and two Shamblers, kill them, then grab the Biosuit in the room. Take a dive under the water in the next room, clearing out the Rotfish you come across. To the right of this area, there is a broken section of wall you can pass through. Directly ahead is level progression, but to your right there is a secret path with flickering lights and some stairs. Go up here to find the room that the Enforcers you faced earlier were shooting you from, as well as a small Box of Rockets, a Grenade Launcher (Q1), and another Biosuit.
  4. You will eventually find yourself going through a series of wide-open corridors with Enforcers and a Shambler in one of the rooms. To the left of the baddies here, there is a Yellow Armor and a staircase. Go up the staircase, clear out more enemies, and in a dark corner, you will find a floor grate that you can shoot or hit to open. Doing so will lead you to the secret room with a small Box of Shells and a 100 Health.
  5. When you get to the corridor with the big yellow crusher to your right, trigger the crusher and then quickly back away from it and jump behind it. Behind here is a secret room with a large Box of Nails, 25 Health and a Quad Damage (Q1).
  6. Past the Silver Key Door, you will find yourself in another big, wide open area, full of enemies. Immediately to the right of the door, there is a stack of crates with small Boxes of Shells on them that you can get behind. In this room you will find two small Boxes of Nails and a pipe that leads you up to a Super Nailgun.
  7. Inside the same corridor from the previous secret, you will find a stack of two giant crates with a plank of wood above them. Go behind these crates to spot a small Shootable Button; shooting it will raise up a set of stairs in the room just past the crates which leads to a path with 2 wooden doors that must be shot/hit to open, and a Red Armor at the end of the path.
  8. At the other end of the same giant corridor, you will find a room where the floor is literally lava. Shoot the Shootable Button high up on the left wall to lower the platform on the right where the Enforcers were. Jump to this platform and go behind the crates to find a Ring of Shadows.
  9. In the rooms immediately following the last secret, you will come to a room with a pool of acid, crates in the acid that you can jump on, and Enforcers. There is a small stack of giant crates on the right side of this room (facing the room from the doors that you opened to get here). Jump on the crates in the acid to get around these giant crates to find a Green Armor.
  10. Immediately after grabbing the Gold Key, head through the gate that opened and turn right; there is a sloped crate here that leads to a secret alcove with a Quad Damage (Q1).
  11. Go past the Gold Key Door and you will be in a room with a Shambler, two stacks of crates on either side with a set of wooden platforms on top of the crates, with Enforces on top of the platforms. You must jump on top of the right side crates, jump across to the crates on the left, then jump atop the platforms above you and finally, make a VERY long jump over to the other platforms to get a Thunderbolt. Needless to say, this jump is not very easy to clear and may take a few tries. If you're feeling risky or impatient, you can always try Grenade/Rocket Jumping up to it.