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Hell or Dark Water is the second and final map of the Realm of Stonemasons in Dimension of the Machine. This is a very long, winding and difficult level full of high-level enemies, tricky platforming over inescapable pits of lava, and dangerous crushers. It is one of the more difficult levels in the expansion.


  1. On the side of the first main room with the elevator that is blocked from going all the way down by a stack of crates, there is a section of wall just to the left of the elevator with a slightly different pattern on it (horizontal lines instead of vertical). Shoot/hit it to open it, revealing a big Box of Nails, a big Box of Shells and a small Box of Rockets.
  2. A good bit further into the map, you will come across a room full of Vores and a Rocket Launcher that you must access by going for an extended swim through an underwater pipe. Once the room is clear, grab the Rocket Launcher, head to the back wall across from where the weapon was and look up to the ceiling; there is a Shootable Button mostly hidden above a wooden rafter. Shooting this opens a secret door on the other side of the room, along the right wall behind a wooden crate, that leads to a small Box of Rockets and a Red Armor.
  3. Inside the corridor containing the Silver Keycard, grab the Keycard and go to where a Vore is located, a little bit ahead and to the left, across from a wooden crate next to the wall; on the back wall of this small room with the Vore, there is a pool of water that you can dive into, containing a Quad Damage (Q1).
  4. After grabbing the Silver Keycard, the two underwater gates that you passed by earlier have now opened up. Swim into the new room for a secret containing a big Box of Rockets, a Box of Cells, 2 small Boxes of Shells and a floor plate leading to a way out, directly across from the Silver Keycard door.
  5. Just inside the Silver Keycard Door is an elevator that will take you to the lower level. Before pressing the down arrow button to start it, however, look to your right from where the button is, out the window where the enemies were; there is a tiny Shootable Button high up on the right wall. Shoot it to open the door just under it and go inside it to go into the room the enemies were inhabiting. Behind the elevator and down the stairs there is a metal grate you can shoot/hit to open and go inside of an air duct. Go through the duct and fall down a couple levels to find a secret room with a Quad Damage (Q1)
  6. Past the first set of sideways-moving crushers with the ceiling crushers in between them, you will find a left-only intersection containing a couple of Shamblers and a wooden crate. To the right of this crate is a bloody-mouth demonic wall panel that you can shoot/hit to open. Going in here will net you the secret, along with several boxes of ammo (Nails, Shells and Cells)
  7. After the last secret, you will come across two rooms with a giant ceiling crusher that you must ride up and jump over to the other side. After passing the second one of these rooms, you will be in a room with a giant bloody-mouth demonic wall panel, a hidden alcove under it with a Yellow Armor, and a Death Knight and a Shambler down the hall to your right. Shoot/hit the panel to open it, jump on top of the crates across from it to get enough height to jump through the opened wall panel, and follow the path all around to reach the Armor.
  8. Eventually, you will come across a room with an inescapable lava pit, several unidirectionally-moving platforms and giant columns in between the platforms. Jump past the first set of platforms to the next, then turn around to the column that you just jumped past. There is a Shootable Button high up on it, which opens the section of wall underneath it containing a 100 Health.